Empowering Scholars is CHED's Commitment to Service

By: Delaila Irma T. Calindas, Project Technical Staff II

Dr. Demetrio P. Anduyan Jr., Director IV of the Commission on Higher Education – Cordillera Administrative Region (CHED-CAR), emphasized the integral connection between the heart of every scholar and the heart of service provided by CHED during the First Quarter 2024 Meeting with Focal Persons spearheaded by the UniFAST Unit on January 30, 2024, at Paragon Hotel, Baguio City.

In his message, Dr. Anduyan expressed that the aspirations residing in the hearts of scholars are at the core of CHED’s service and mission. He highlighted the fundamental desires shared by scholars – to complete their education, to attain empowerment, and to become self-sufficient individuals capable of improving their lives and contributing to society.

“What is in the heart of every scholar should be the heart of service for the Commission on Higher Education. What is in the heart of every scholar? To finish their education. To become empowered. To become self-sufficient for them to be able to help uplift their life’s condition. Help their parents. Become productive members of society and contribute to nation-building,” stated Dr. Anduyan. 

He urged a collective effort to align CHED’s services with the dreams of scholars. “If this is what is in the heart of our scholars therefore this should be the heart of services of CHED through our Higher Education Institutions. Let us realize what is in their hearts. Let us help them realize their dreams by providing them the needed assistance for them to be able to finish their education,” he emphasized.

This message underscores CHED-CAR’s commitment to being a facilitator of dreams, acknowledging the transformative power of education and the vital role it plays in shaping the future of individuals and the nation.

The First Quarter 2024 Meeting with Focal Persons of the UniFAST Unit served as an avenue to update the representatives from various HEIs in the region on the guidelines on the financial assistance programs under R.A. No. 10931 or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act. Moreover, the event served as an opportunity to collaboratively strategize and set targets for the year 2024, fostering a shared vision and cohesive planning among the participating institutions.

Also present during the meeting were Supervising Education Program Specialist, Ms. Menzie O. Kuengan, and Education Supervisors, Dr. Bernadette C. Pal-ec, Dr. Jimmy G. Catanes, Dr. Patricio M. Dinamling, and Engr. Abraham P. Os-osa.

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